Volunteer Through United Way of Madison County

Choose from dozens of vetted nonprofit organizations who match your passions, schedule, and preferences.

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What does it mean to be a United Way volunteer?

When you choose to volunteer at United Way of Madison County, you fuse your passions with the most pressing local needs. The Volunteer Center of Madison County lists opportunities and sorts them with “interests” icons like grapes for cooking, a wrench for building and renovation, a book for educational opportunities, etc. Easily scroll through at any time to find the opportunities that most align with your schedule, preferences, and passions.

Why Should I Volunteer with United Way?

United Way of Madison County focuses on three core areas: Education, Financial Stability, and Health. We identify the greatest needs in our community pertaining to these 3 areas. Then, we vet partner nonprofit organizations who have programs most suited for meeting the greatest needs.

volunteer opportunities huntsville

What are Madison County, Alabama’s greatest needs?

Every 3-5 years, we conduct a community-wide needs assessment with the help of community surveys, focus groups, a social scientist investigative team, and sponsoring organizations and individuals.  We use this extensive, community-wide report to identify the greatest needs in our community.
Then we UNITED all of our resources to create intentional, holistic solutions.