Donor Privacy Policy

Here at United Way of Madison County, we strive to follow the Standards for Charity Accountability as posted by the Better Business Bureau. The full text of the standards is available on the Better Business Bureau website at

As the donor, it is your business to know what information we collect and how we use it. Here is our Donor Privacy Policy:

  1. What information do we collect and how do we use that information?

We collect donors’ names and contact information on the pledge forms. The information could then be used for the following: a thank you letter, possibly a tax letter, solicitation during the next campaign, notification of upcoming events, as well as additional touches throughout the year and notification to other agencies if the donor asked their gift to be designated and did not request to remain anonymous.

  1. How can donors contact us to review their personal information and request corrections?

If you have questions concerning your personal information, please contact United Way of Madison County at our main number (256-526-0745) and ask for the Accounting Department.

  1. How can a donor inform us that they do not want their information shared outside of United Way?

We do not share our donor information outside of United Way, aside from the Annual Recognition Report, in which we thank our Leadership Donors and list their names. For those that wish to not be listed in this report, there is an area on the pledge form for the donor to indicate that they would like to remain anonymous.

  1. What security measures do we have in place to protect donor information?

All donor information is maintained in house (including credit card information) in a lockable file with limited access for 5 years. Donor information is only used for tracking donor pledges and payments. No specific donor information is shared outside of our United Way. Information is shredded on site after 5 years.

More Financial Information

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