We Live United for Financial Stability, Health, and Education.

“Suddenly, in the midst of my life falling apart I had such a moment of clarity. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I am about to become a statistic…I’m having my United Way moment.’ See, what I was fully aware of is that at any minute the Red Cross [a United Way agency] was going to show up to offer me assistance. I remember the feeling that I wasn’t alone, help was available. There was a comfort in that.”

– Jennifer Wellman, Housefire Victim

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Our UNITED Impact

Thanks to all of your volunteer hours, intentional donation dollars, and advocacy, here are some of the things United Way of Madison County accomplished in the past year.

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Invested to improve local quality of life in Madison County, AL in 2022
People served with resources through United Way and partner programs in 2022
Rides given through the United Way Ride United transportation program in 2022
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What are Madison County, Alabama’s Greatest Needs?

We’re glad you asked.

Every 3 years, we conduct a community-wide needs assessment with the help of community focus groups, a social scientist, and sponsoring organizations and individuals. We use this science-backed report to identify the greatest needs in our community. Then, we UNITE all of our resources to create holistic solutions.